Monday, 22 May 2017

Instagram honesty.

Social media is excellent, and generally I am a huge fan of it. It's also terrible, and at times I absolutely despise it. Don't we all, sometimes? Well, I certainly know a lot of people who actively loathe social media, some of whom have deliberately deleted any trace of themselves, any presence they had, on every platform. 
But then at the same time, I know folks who have made a career out of social media. This includes me. So many of us have found friends, discovered new favourite things and been inspired endlessly. Whether it's coming across individuals and movements we wouldn't have known about had it not been for Twitter; kinks and fan fic we'd never thought to search for were it not for Tumblr; 5* cafes and household appliances for sale courtesy of Facey B, and of course there is always an abundance of beautiful foods and quirky af outfits to be seen on Instagram. 

Yes, I could go on forever about the wonders and evils of social media and its various platforms. But today I will just be focusing on one: the aforementioned Instagram.

Friday, 19 May 2017

An ovary-related Robin Scherbatsky realisation.

I had a revelation recently. I can pinpoint the moment it occurred – the very second my mind was overloaded with something alien, when my body felt a change and suddenly my future plans and life goals were, ermm, 'updated' a little. 
Yes, it was...a Robin Scherbatsky realisation


Monday, 15 May 2017

Talking with Lisa Heathfield; her writing process and 'Paper Butterflies'.

If you know me, or if you've just read this blog for the past year, a) thank you and b) you'll know which books I like. And you'll know that one of my absolute most favourite recent reads – and books in all the world – is 'Paper Butterflies', by Lisa Heathfield

This YA novel published by Egmont in 2016 tells the story of June, a teenage girl living in a very unhappy home. Only unhappy for her, though. She is abused, relentlessly, and has nobody to turn to for advice or even simply solace.
Then she finds Blister. 

The book made me burst into tears – literally, it felt like a vicious burst – several times throughout, and then by the end I was hiccuping while hysterically crying... but with a surprised smile on my face. I poured my feels out onto the blog right after finishing the final page. 
I then went on to read 'Seed', as all my friends had told me to many times before. I devoured it as greedily as I did 'Paper Butterflies'. Just like that, I had a new writing idol.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

A Map of Me.

'You'll have a bad scar,' the GP says, peering down at my exposed tummy as I lie flat on my back on the nurse's bed. I shift myself a little, tearing the paper towel beneath me, to get another glimpse at my staples and holes. This has been the first re-dressing appointment when I haven't cried – but now I might.
I'm ashamed. Because my first thought upon hearing this was: I can't have another scar! As if I've filled my quota already, aged only 23? As if, indeed. I have a long way to go yet. 

I've gotten to know my body well, in recent years. And it's served me well, in recent years. It's taken the worst trauma and made it the brightest light; it's bounced back, seemingly quickly, but secretly it's been a hundred year fight. You can only just see the evidence – if I let you. The scars, the marks...they're part of me and they tell my story. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

What I'll be reading in May 2017.

May is here. It's official – Justin Timberlake said so. It's the month when the crocuses sprout, the evenings stretch out and they taste of gin with sprigs of mint stuck in. 
Already Star Wars Day has been and gone – and with it many friends' publication days, congrats all! – as has the most prestigious occasion of the month, little sis' birthday (she's 19, lol what). The month is moving fast, and after a turbulent April I really need to get my shit together now (she says, typing slowly from under a blanket on the sofa halfway through a New Girl series 1 re-watch). Starting with reading! 

As you guys know, I keep to a month-by-month schedule with my reading these days. Every month of 2017 so far has been all the more interesting because of this. I've had some very clear themes emerge and stuck to specific genres – middle grade fiction, Walker Books only, and a couple bouts of non-fiction.

However, May 2017 is going to be somewhat different. I have decided that much like my life at present, my reading plan this month is going to be...a bit crazed.
Basically, I'll be reading all the things I keep meaning to read and putting off for no reason whatsoever! 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Post-op wisdom for all - My #1 Life Hack.

There are lots of things you readers probably shouldn't take my advice on. But if you ignore every other thing I say, every recommendation I make and every life hack I share, please let this be the one thing that sticks in your mind and changes it even just a little. 

If you ever feel something is wrong, tell someone. 

Yes, this is general advice for life - in any situation, if you feel something is not going well, or just not right somehow, speak up and get heard and make yourself safe. Generally, this is something to live by. 
This particular blog post, however, is going to focus on the application of that advice to medical sitch tings.

I have been ill many, many times in my fairly short life. Y'all have heard all about a lot of the illnesses - especially that big one I had that time - and you've been excellent with your responses and I love you etc., etc. But there have been a lot more things I may not have shared in quite as much detail as that Thing. That's just because hey, it's my business and it's not always something people wanna read about. I get that! My gosh, you think I'll be so brazen as to share every intimate detail of my physical upheavals with you? I know you won't want to hear all about my snotty colds, my shitty viruses or my PMS pains (although #livetweetyourperiod is always fun to do, ngl). 
No, I won't share all the ins and outs with you guys. But you can be damn sure I will share everything with my doctors. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Cat Clarke's new novel 'Girlhood' & a backlist classic: 'The Lost and The Found'.

So, some of you readers may have noticed that I am a sucker for a good cover on a book. Yeah yeah, I know the cliché, but c'mon. You cannot deny a cover will pull you right in at times. And recently, a certain author's backlist of books have had makeovers to coincide with and celebrate the publication of her latest novel! 

A post shared by Cat Clarke (@catclarkewriter) on

The gorgeous Cat Clarke's books are a staple on the bookshelf. Everyone I know has read at least 3 of her works and loved every single one. I recently read her latest, 'Girlhood', in under 48 hours because my gosh, it was a thrill ride. (Also mentioned that wild card of a book in my April reading wrap-up!) 

In this post, I'll be sharing info on (imho) one of Cat's very best: 'The Lost and The Found'. This book came about in 2015, published by Quercus. 
I fell hard for this book just reading the plot. I am a sucker for drama, as you all know. By the end of the book, the tension had made me shaky and the characters were imprinted forever in my mind. Srsly. 

Sunday, 30 April 2017

30 Days Grace: April.

Right so. Ha. April 2017. Let's see. Ermm. Well I can't lie guys, I never sugar coat or bullshit on this blog and I am proud of that fact...I've had a shit month.

It started...kinda well? I finished my amazing internship with Walker, and had already earmarked April as a Recovery Month – but only in terms of recuperating from a month spent in the big smoke working full time in a busy office environment, not from, y'know, major surgery...we'll get to that in a bit.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

What I read in April 2017.

April 2017 was a bit of a mad one for books, wasn't it? This month had one of those mad days when a shit ton of books seemed to be birthed onto bookshelves all at once! On the 6th, Hannah Witton's book 'Doing It' (more on that below) was released, as was 'The State of Grace' by Rachael Lucas, 'The Hate U Give' by Angie Thomas, 'The Cows' by Dawn O'Porter, 'Beetle Queen' by M.G. Leonard, and 'How to be a Grown Up' by Daisy Buchanan (again, see below)...yeah, that was a lot of books. And they ALL excite me. I also realised that the majority of my reads this month were embargoed pre-release goodness. Sorry, my dears. #humblebrag #blessbookmail 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Laura Jane Williams: A most delightful chat.

I don't need to ask. I know that you know all about my love for this woman, readers – both her writing and her being. And more. She's at the top of my (extensive) social media crush list, her writing workshop I attended gave me mad inspo, and her books are written in my favourite style – like I have a friend chattering to me, dropping boundless wisdom into the convo now and again which I of course lap up, happily. 

I was fortunate enough to chat with Laura after receiving a proof of this gorgeous new read. As expected, it was an utter delight. In fact, I'll stop rambling and delaying your reading of this excellent interview now. Read on! Go!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Grace answers; 1.

Oh hi, so remember when I did a super cool hashtag Q&A ting a couple of times? No? Yeah, that'd be because it didn't exactly take off. But then recently, I was a little uninspired writing and thought I'd try it again, in a slightly different one-off way...

This one tweet amassed more Qs for me to A than that awful hashtag did, way back when! So thank you, my curious friends. I really enjoyed the asking. Now, for the answering...

Ooh, I have always loved the celebrity Bake Off specials - however, now I am crippled with loathing for GBBO Channel 4 (what even is that photo?!), so I'll re-think. 
Strictly Come Dancing is my favourite celeb reality show of all time ever, so I think I'd have to go with that - however, I absolutely 100% cannot dance and have nothing but hate for exercise, so I doubt I'd get very far in the actual competition. But tbh, if I just got to attend the launch party and be matched with my perfect partner (Kevin/Aljaz), then I'd be happy. 

The family cat. For more details on my all-consuming love for him and the damn lovely ways he wakes me up and fills me with happiness each day, see this post I wrote for The Olive Fox entitled 'My Best Pal With Paws'.  

I would say quite simply that in these tragic times, more than ever, we need to escape. 


There will be more of these in the future, I think. Feel free to comment with any questions, or tweet me, as these lovely askers did! I do have a backlog already, so I'm off to a good start.
This may become a little series, if all goes to plan. Some posts will have just the one question, others may have a couple. Some questions will be grouped based on a theme, others may be more random. It's all coming together, oh yes... 

Friday, 14 April 2017


I attended a writing workshop in March, run by the beaut Laura Jane Williams, just fyi, as if I haven't already told everyone about it in gushing detail...We writers were given this excellent task, to scribble a quick story of...meeting. A meeting. Meeting someone, who has since made a significant impact on our lives. We then had to edit what we'd written of that tale; cut down, focus on certain things, keep essentials and make impact. It was beyond fun, and felt a little bit magic. 

I am forever falling for those first character descriptions in novels, lapping up the fresh new dialogue that then unfolds; I've told you all before about my creating characters first when writing, how I need to make people and let them make plot. It's the same in my life. I've met many people, there have been many exciting inciting meetings.

On the day of the workshop, I wrote about a meeting that could not have been more important to me, and my life, tbh. I won't be sharing that on here – it's saved specially to be used elsewhere. But these little fragment tings you're about to read (I hope, anyway) are, let's say, a small selection from my shortlist. I may write more, but these are just the ones that popped into my head that day in March when asked about A Meeting. 

(These are my friends, in the cafe that other friends of mine own. I hope none of them mind being featured, tbh I just thought this photo was perfection so)

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Haikus; 1.

Very recently
I was taught how to haiku.
I was not that good.

I do keep trying
because isn't that writing?
Just keep keeping on.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

What I'll be reading in April 2017.

Right, so, April is upon us. I won't do the whole 'where is this year going omg' thing, because to be quite honest I am loving the frantic speeding of time at present. There are many things to look forward to in the next few months, and it's all getting a bit sweeter and prettier with each passing day.
Already the days are longer, the sun is getting higher, and even the darkness is warmer. I may sing – or just sit quietly making yummy noises. Yes, the latter is probably best...

A new month of course means a new reading list! Wanna see what I've got up my sleeve for April? (Spoiler: you do)

Friday, 31 March 2017

31 Days Grace: March.

So, March happened! And it was a month spent in the big smoke. LDN. Laandaaann. I lived the life of an intern; hopping from one tube to another, sniffing out the cheapest lunch spots, calling up local friends for a comfy night, learning the delicate art of filling a filter coffee pot, and expertly juggling email inboxes. Oh yes, I learned a lot this month. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

What I read in March 2017.

Welcome to this month's reading wrap-up! If you didn't know, I've been sticking to a schedule book-wise so far this year; choosing certain themes or genres - or publishers! 

Before the beginning of March 2017, I somehow scored an internship at Walker Books. So my reading theme for the month was adjusted accordingly! I have spent the past 4 weeks reading exclusively Walker Books, and let me tell you…they know what’s good. 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Don't you know that you're toxic......?!

I've started and stopped writing this post so many times now. Every time I've had to close my laptop, mellow out and consider: is it really worth posting? Is it, though? Well, now I feel I must, because I've had so many conversations with others lately that make me think that maybe, just isn't just me.

I'll stop beating around whatever dirty, vague shrubbery is growing here now – in this post I am going to address the issue of one-sided friendships. Also known as those very dramatically named toxic friendships. Yeah, I'm opening this can. Watch out. The worms will fly everywhere. 

So in case you didn't know, a one-sided friendship, a toxic friendship, is when one of your closer acquaintances (I'm really aware I'm going to use the word 'friend' a lot in this post, brb getting a thesaurus up online) seems to get more out of your little union than you do. They take take take, and rarely, if ever, give. 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

The soundtrack to 'Songs About A Girl'.

Hey, music lovers. And YA readers, you too! Especially you #boybandlit folks, this one's gonna be your jam...okay, now I have your attention, I'll be keeping my intro minimal today. Let's hand over to the mega star that is Chris Russell; the sweetheart, undiscovered hair model, hardcore Directioner, and author of 'Songs About a Girl', the book that rocked our worlds in 2016. He's going to tell you all about the music behind the book! 

A post shared by Katie Brown (@katiebookqueen) on

"Songs About a Girl is a book about music, in more ways than one. My fictional boy band Fire&Lights are at the centre of the story, of course, but as someone whose entire life has revolved around music, I also wanted to explore the way songs can function as “memory keys” - potent little time capsules that unlock forgotten moments in our past. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The girl who changed you.

It's finally happened to you. I knew it would. It was due. She was waiting – or were you?

It's there when I open the apps; tags and favourites and sharing, so so much sharing. I see her getting off the train and walking hurriedly to town, or coming the other way, a smile on her perfect face. It's there. But not for everyone to see. Not yet. 
Your situation, this excitement and intensity brewing in your heart and mind that's so only hinted at to begin with. Like it's a secret and you don't want to jinx it. Like people knowing could stamp in the freshly laid snow, spoil the clean crisp sheets, steal the smooth stone that's skimming so perfectly. I smile and I know. Even if you don't. 
She's that girl – that woman. Kerri, Ashleigh, Paris, Heather. Demi, Kristie, Holly, Maria. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Nobody likes you, everyone left you, they're all out without you...having fun...

I am the uncool kid. No, seriously. I really am, always have been, the furthest from cool in any group of people. I hardly ever (I won't say never)...belong. 

This is not a 'woe is me, I'm such a nerd omg you don't understand' post, I promise! This is my way of explaining some of my thoughts and feelings and my minor but nevertheless significant *deep breath* anxieties. 

(Credit: the magnificent Gemma Correll, obvs.)

Firstly, I know that 'social anxiety' is a 100% legit thing, I know it's a medical condition and it causes all manner of hell for some unfortunate humans. I do not use that term lightly, like some might. I promise. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

5/3/17, 16:08.

Today, I saw him. That one. Who I thought, once upon a time, was The One. Pronounced 'theee won'. With a sigh and a long blink. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

What I'll be reading in March 2017.

Well hello there, this is the latest in my new sort-of series this year; my monthly reading schedules! That's right, if you don't know already, in 2017 I plan on devoting my reading each month to a specific genre, subject matter, publisher or maybe even author. This is all in an effort to a) get my blogging – and thus, life – more in order, lol wish me luck, and b) get me reading things I've never heard of, or heard of but not tried out yet, or just had sitting on the TBR pile for what feels like forever. Okay, cool. So. What am I reading in March?

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

28 Days Grace: February.

February *finally* rolled around, after I'd been waiting for what seemed like forever. And oh boy, it was an action-packed month. 

I'd booked holiday with my previous job for the second week of the month, so naturally I'd crammed in a shit ton of activities and adventures in these few days...then after leaving that job, I was abruptly faced with this one busy week looming almost ominously in its volumes of excitement. Idk, it was daunting. The many varying locations and time pressures and new things, so many new things...I took it one day at a time, and that worked alright. But I've learned my lesson - never over-schedule, Grace. Keep things loose. Factor in chill time, yeah? 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

What I read in February 2017.

Hey, book-loving friends! Hope you're all good and cosy. I tell you what, this month has been an exciting one for we bookish folk. Philip Pullman announced a new project, That Evil Guy's book was (finally) yanked from That Publisher's list, and the authors of Twitter had a hot debate about which Mr Darcy was best, Firth or Macfadyen! 

It's been an exciting month for me and my reading, too. In case you didn't see at the beginning of the month, February has been 28 days of exclusively non-fiction! And goodness me, it's been 4 weeks of laughing, learning and loving.

Thursday, 23 February 2017


Hi, my name's Grace and/or Gracie. 

I'm finally watching some of those allegedly 'classic' rom-coms, when Ken Bruce comes on the radio I know it's time to get outta bed, coconut yoghurt is everything, I pronounce 'yoghurt' weirdly apparently, Ed Sheeran still gets me all tingly and emotional, being unfriended on Facey B hurts me more than it should, I go through arty-crafty phases, I love veggie Pret lunches, I could totally live in London and someday I will, 70% cocoa chocolate is my kryptonite, I sometimes miss studying, my taste in men is not improving all that much, emails bring me almost equal stress and excitement (more of the latter), I just want lilac/silver hair forever, red nail polish always seems super mature to me, I won a slut-drop competition at a cabaret night in Berlin, it's funny how gifted I am at only remembering the good, but I still wouldn't say I'm a full-on optimist. 

Thanks for reading these guys, it makes me well happy that you all want to get to know me (and my somewhat tamer kinks) a little better. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Body Love : Listening and Learning.

I've written before about body confidence and exercise and general self-love (both sexual and otherwise), on here and elsewhere. I am a major believer in the power of loving your body, appreciating what you've got and working to get what you want from it. Having the ultimate goal of simply being comfortable in your own skin and liking what you see when you look in a mirror can be all you need to motivate you each day. 
So, let's all take a deep breath now, and get ready for some lovin'.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Why I don't read magazines...but wish I did.

Hang on, hear me out guys...I like magazines. I really do. I have so much adoration – and admiration – for their makers, bringing out new editions every week or month and ensuring the hardest work goes into making them beautiful and, wow. So much respect, mingled with the utmost awe.

But...I don't read them. Not regularly, anyway. Once in a blue moon, tbh. Like, I have read them in the past, but these days I honestly *braces self for the onslaught of ridicule* don't seem to have the time!?

(Grazia, October 3rd edition. Excellent column about 'dating' (/casual sex), Also my current read, The White Tower, part of my January reading challenge...

I mean, I do. I have an abundance of time. You need time? I got it. I'll hook you up. But for some reason that endless time I am engulfed with more or less 24/7 can never be spent sitting down and reading a magazine cover to cover. 
I almost always buy one with the purest and keenest of intentions, eager to learn about that fashion trend or the latest tricks for optimum self care, even the new sex tips that everyone is trying out with their consenting, loving partners...but then it sits beside my bed for actual weeks, if not months, stewing and growing outdated – at an alarming speed for something that's just sitting still?! 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Just 5 romantic moments.

This post was going to be entitled 'The Top 5 Most Romantic Moments of My Life', but I realised that although I may be tragically inexperienced in love and totally over-experienced in heartache, I still can't narrow down the snatches of romance in my life to just 5 ultimate #goals moments. So these are just going to be '5 moments'. Just 5 times that spring to mind as I sit here, on Valentine's Day 2017, in a busy cafe with an empty cup beside me, wondering how long I can justify sitting here without buying a refill...

Monday, 13 February 2017

Flying solo, LGW - SXF.

I did the thing. I flew, all by myself – from one country to another, within Europe mind you, but still a good few hundred miles of land and many thousands of feet in the air. 
I couldn't help but feel it barely counted though, as really I was only doing the flying part alone. I had a drop-off and a pick-up arranged there and back, and 'accommodation' sorted in the place I was visiting – most excellent bed-sharing best friend-type accommodation – I mean, I barely had to think about anything save the flights. Still, I did it. One small step, etc., etc. I checked in all by myself, I packed my backpack (then had it slightly re-jigged by mama, but whatev still counts), and I kept myself company on The Other Side of the Doors in the airport itself. I squeezed my own hand as we took off. I read my latest and most delicious non-fic and surfed the free plane wifi (?!!) all the way there and back. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

A young man and his cutie: love is all around.

I wrote a love story on Twitter today. It was real and true and honest and lovely and it happened right in front of me at Gatwick airport this afternoon when I emerged in Arrivals. I felt privileged to see it, and the response the thread got on Twitter was just unreal. 
I can't help but feel the amount of likes and retweets and comments must show just how much we need this, now. Love, hope, sunshine - lots and lots of it. 

So here's the first tweet. Scroll through if you wish, and let your heart swell. 

If anyone needs me, I'll be snuggling up in bed remembering it all and letting myself believe romance, and happiness, and just love. 

Saturday, 4 February 2017

What I'll be reading in February 2017.

It continues! My most excellent 2017 reading scheme. I would call it a 'challenge' but it's way too exciting to qualify as one, surely. And scheming is exciting, so...

In January, I read 9-12 children's fiction. It was fun, and actually not as easy nor as light-hearted as I'd thought it would be...? It was a totally worthwhile experience, though.
This month, I will be doing something completely different. I'll be reading exclusively non-fiction

Thursday, 2 February 2017

99 stupid questions: 2010 & now.

Before I could blog, I did...*shudders* Facebook Notes. And before that? Bebo. I also dabbled a little in MySpace, but was never cool enough to do it full time... 
My Facebook Notes were like little snippets of my life a lot of the time; trainee blog posts. Then now and again I'd do quizzes. Y'know, the ones you'd copy and paste from your cooler friends, then possibly lie on for the sake of seeming more badass? Yeah. 

So after seeing the utter babe Arora Appleby's recent redoing of a Bebo quiz, I thought I'd dig through my Facey B archives and attempt one of these cringey questionnaires again. Wish me luck! 

Oh, and I've added in a super flattering photo of me aged 16 in 2010 to kick this off - complete with Hollister shirt, newly formed boobs pushed right up, over-plucked eyebrows and badly dyed ginger're welcome. (I miss our movie nights, Katie!)


1. Last beverage = a shit ton of water, all day long. 
2. Last phone call = a drunk accident, last night.
3. Last text message = Kasim. That bitch. 
4. Last song you listened to = 'Lover Come Back', City and Colour. 
5. Last time you cried = this afternoon/evening, about 5 separate times as I watched 'Lion'. 

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

30 Days Grace: January.

2017 got off to a shaky start for me. Maybe because I was expecting everything to change – to be better – overnight. I think that's a classic New Year feel, though. And, well, it's bullshit for the most part. 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

What I read in January 2017.

As you know, faithful readers, I've adopted a new reading regime for 2017. Each month I'll have a set theme for my reading – this will hopefully help me write reviews, catch up on what I keep putting off and just generally get my life more organised!! Let us pray...

Now, January was my Middle Grade month. I read 4 books from the 9-12 fiction zone, and they were all rather lovely. One thing I picked up on was how fantastical and magical a Middle Grade will be – every character has some kind of power in them, even if it's just a natural ability to read or run or write...everything sounds more exciting and sparkly! 

Okay, time now for a quick run through of my January reads. 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

(More) Musings on the Bookmark Bar.

Some years ago, I wrote a little piece about a person's browser bookmark bar, and how it can actually reveal quite a lot about the person it belongs to. 

No, seriously. Think about it. The things we save on the internet for easy access, the things we check or use daily, are actually pretty personal. 

(Because a photo of my bookmarks bar would have been boring; here, have Harvey watching Newton Faulkner being beaut.)

My bookmark bar, for instance, features a few folders. One is entitled 'blog shit', and contains photo editor site PicMonkey, colour palettes for editing my template, the Etsy site I got my design from, and quite often I'll save a post I'm working on or reflecting on in there as well. 
Also DaFont, a site that sells designer fonts, which is where I got the gorgeous type my blog title is made from. 

Another folder is entitled 'Clothes', and it's a dumping ground for the many many beautiful outfits I see and then cry at because lol, my bank balance tho. I check the pages I save now and again just in case they are magically on sale for 70% off suddenly. I'll also often go into stores to try certain items on – so I'll know what size fits me best for when the sales hit, and I can order without hesitation. Yeah.

Now, the rest of my bookmark bar is less organised...and more, ermm, silly. I have my gmail inbox saved on there, for official writing business, and that's where the professionalism ends. I have the product page for a print 'Peacock in a Scottish Bonnet' on Alice Tams' excellent Birds in Hats website that I very happily came across via Emma Gannon's podcast (I'm waiting for a lovely little windfall and some wall space to allow me to purchase it). 

Then there's The Pool, a site I fucking love and need to get more involved with someday. 

I recently added my Ko-Fi homepage to the bar, please check it out if you fancy helping me with blogging expenses (e.g. postage for giveaways, £3 tickets to book events and, well, coffee!). No pressure, but I'm currently unemployed, so there's that (more details on that situation in time, guys. Please don't push. I'm laying low for now. Low, and poor af). I've only started it up recently, but the donations so far have shocked me to happy tears, I swear. 

And finally, All4's episode guide page for 'This Is Us', the first show in forever about love and couples and shit that has actually made me feel things.

I recently deleted a folder full of old friends' blogs – because it had been so long that most of them were inactive, oops – and am now needing to make another, crammed with the blogs I regularly follow and will retweet forev. I also would like to start looking at web comics again; xkcd used to be in my bookmarks, as did this other really cool one that I cannot remember the title of goddamnit.
Yes, those are my bookmark bar resolutions. Watch this space.

Also I feel I should mention the sites that I haven't got saved as bookmarks but don't need to because they automatically appear when I type a single letter into the search bar, e.g. YouTube, Netflix, Blogger, Twitter, y'know the standard stuff. 

What's in your bookmarks bar, my friends? Anything weird or...juicy? Do you agree, that it shows a lot about you - or disagree and hate me for suggesting such a thing?! Comment below or tweet me! Happy bookmarking! 

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Hi, my name's Grace, and/or Gracie. 
Sometimes I really wish I could sing and dance, I've played badminton on and off since I was quite young, snail mail is the way to my heart, I have my eleventh tattoo booked in, venturing into Planet Organic both thrilled and intimidated me, Will Smith will always be my dream man, I'm sick of waiting on people, the bookseller's life isn't for me, 'This Is Us' has thawed out my icy heart, I'll always blog before I vlog, my parents and I recently decided that my car is gender fluid, I hate breakfast tea, updating my blog template has made me squeal with joy, I don't selfie that much, getting my legs waxed gives me life, I hate the texture of onions, my 3rd trip to Berlin is in 3 weeks, 2017 is going to be the year I do everything I keep meaning to, and it's about damn time. 

These very irregular posts are popular with followers now, and it's impossibly cute that y'all wanna know me a little better.

Friday, 20 January 2017

A most creative death.

I heard something recently. Something intriguing to say the least... 'Creatives fear death less.' Bold statement, right? I mean, whoa, don't we all fear death, even just a little?

My stance on death has always been a little cloudy – until I was kind of facing my own mortality a couple of years ago. Then I realised, clear as day, clouds lifted: I don't fear my own death, not at all, but I hate the idea of anyone close to me dying. Friends, family...and okay fine, maybe fictional characters too. 

(Sketch by the uber-talented Leticia Cronin - see her response below)

So when I was thinking about this recently, it occurred to me that maybe it is a creative thing, but...what about the different types of creatives?! Like, do writers like myself fear death less than...dancers? Or actors? Maybe abstract artists are a little more aware of peril, while sculptors are more brazen in the face of fatality? '
...You get the idea.

So I thought I'd test out this theory, and satisfy my own curiosity, by asking some of my creative pals what they think of death. As you do...! 

Some of the responses completely stunned me...

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