Friday, 13 January 2017

My idea for changing the world...

Caitlin Moran (my hero etc.) said upon the release of her latest hardback modern classic, Moranifesto, that everyone has 1 idea that could change the world. So here is mine, Caitlin my darl. 

(oh, look, it's us. That time we met. No big deal.)

I swear I've said a million times, my 1 idea for changing the world would be: make every human being, at least in our ridiculously privileged First World, work at least 1 week in customer service. And not just in one shop. I'm talking a full 7-day stint in the various branches beneath the Customer Service umbrella: Monday, dive in the deep end and be a barista in a chain cafe, Tuesday you can run in heels working in a boutique, Wednesday you're in a restaurant from coffee time til closing time, Thursday you sell books, Friday you're in the post office, Saturday you get a lie-in but then you gotta be in a central London bar from midday til dawn. Sunday? If you've survived, you can muck in at a garden centre or your local farm shop.

Yep. That'd do it. That would make everyone appreciate the person serving them in various places every day and goddamn it would make everyone a better customer. 


  1. Great idea :D Although I'd suggest that people do a stint in a customer service call centre too - it's definitely an experience!

    1. Oh my goodness, I cannot imagine a stint in a call centre - I bet that's harsh af! Good call ;D x

  2. Absofrickinlutely!! I honestly think everyone would be a little less self-involved if they had to do this. Thank you for putting it so eloquently, my version would have a lot more swearing :-/ AJ x


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